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Wednesday, February 24

gimme more TIME

Oh my goodness! Time is precious for me now,what am I doing here,still?

I supposed to take all notes and related textbooks in front of me,then 'eat & digest' them whole 30 hours for me! (if it's possible that 1day 30 hours)

Sigh,why treat us like that? oh GOD! *maybe is the management's fault, not GOD.

I still haven't fully enjoyed my CNY yet! I even on CNY mood now!

I miss home; I miss Mom ; I miss FOOD!! and one more,miss Air-cond! ARrrgh >.<

Stress, Stress, Stress!!

Let me showed part of my schedule in the following days and weeks that I MUST to do:

27/2/2010 - Business Finance Mid-term (Chap 1 to 4)
2/3/2010 - Audit Practice Mid-term (Chap 1 to 6)
5/3/2010 - Taxation Mid-term (Chap 1 to 5)
6/3/2010 - Performance Management (Chap 1 to 4)

p/s: Company law Midterm yet to be confirmed.

8/3/2010 - Taxation Assignment due date
19/3/2010 - Company law Assignment due date

I just showed part of it. It's getting more that I have to face later.

So how you feel? I even get lost on Taxation part since before CNY. How can I chase back the syallabus and go thru the test le? Do you think i can survive ? I really can't imagine of it!

The only thing i can do is....
Pray hard now!! =( study hard also, I MUST!!!

Tuesday, February 23

magic☆ 变




至少,当你落寞时 会在身边默默陪伴你;
至少,当你生气时 心甘情愿地在身边受闷气 而且是守口如瓶 不会到处宣传;
至少,当你失势时 都不会吃碗底 翻碗面, 在背后被人开几十枪,死的时候都不懂发生什么事


又或者是今年我流年不利,犯小人 做什么都很不利 讲什么都是废话,加上假期少得可怜,想家想得发疯的关系。




他说:相处时间一久了,你会发现 就算是好人,都会有很多缺点。


想找个真心待你的,可能已经绝种了。如果他/她就在你身边,请自重 珍惜他/她们。

Thursday, February 18






Friday, February 12


Dear all my friends,

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Valentine's Day =)

I miss you so much =(

This year is Single Valentine.

Wednesday, February 10

Birthday ♥ -part 1

Last 2weeks, I keep back to hometown every weekend, purpose is to attend one of my bestie's 21 birthday party.

The birthday girl - Angelynn Low. =)

See how good am I? Normally I won't simply back want, but because of you, how I also want rush back for it!! it's your first 21 in your life wor.. sure I'll there to support you, give you face !! tee-hee

Feel touching? treat me better forever as reward ya. ;* hahaha

Let me share some of the picture of that day.

Birthday girl = lenglui *-*

food of that day. but I din't try all. =( Miss them

Cake of that day. Frankly say,I really very like her cake. Some friends say it looked like her wedding cake. XD
how you guys think?

Time to sing birthday song~see, we sang few version of birthday song. i thk she is very touching of that as ah Loke was so funny and anticipated himself in making warm the atmosphere and everybody is high on that night!

make a wish, make a wish, hope all my wishes can come true =)


2 sweet couples =) the two besties in my heart ♥

of cause, with her sweetheart. XD
so match right? *-*

And a must, take pic = ex-4 flowers ! haha. miss those time deeply. we're Do-re-mi- fa~ XD

acting. haha,don so lanci my dear, normal people hard to get my kiss wan leh. so precious u know! haha

算你识货la.. haha *wooahh*

finally, girls' group picture. eh jiayi, what's wrong to your front hair? wanna take part as one of main character? XD

* once we act cute *

guy's group picture. who's the most handsome? =p

Around 12++am, we accompany her till her bf and her relatives were busy cleaning the place, we only surrender to back home.

I very like this photo. It's natural and you look sweet. I tot you're the bride that night because you almost can fight with bride d. =) *i'm praising you lo,haha*

again, Happy Birthday to you, my sweetheart ♥


Unexpected!! Unexpected!! Really UNEXPECTED la weiii...


Peeps, I think you all sure curious and scold me that why I keep shout 'unexpected' and 'lucky' without reason? You think I'm too stressed till crazy right?? NOnono.. I feel myself extremely LUCKY !! Unexpectedly!! XD hahaa..

Let me tell you why..

It is Because... I'm just WON a STICKY sweet just now at pasar malam, Kampar!! Even it's just a sweet, but it is enough to make me excited whole night while it's only sold at One U.


Not only that, I also get 3 of my favorite magazines!! Oh my...!! I cant stop of my excitement now!! I wanna screamed OUT~~~~~~~~~~ xDDD

I'm the first serve of the yeah! magazine as it only would be sold every Thursday! But today only Wednesday, I get it on my hand!! * fresh* =DD

Fuyoh~ tonight is gonna be a good night for me~ ! I might ask my mom buy 4D for me as I feel I so lucky enough! Maybe will get first prize? so I no need study so hard now! Haah! *impossible la, dream mode on! *

Well, I have to bath now, so that I have time to enjoy reading my magazine and eat my Sticky sweet~ hohoho..!!

Don't jealous me,peeps. ;) You might be the lucky one day.

Have a nice night.


Tuesday, February 9

a Day ☆

Just want to share here with a little bit about my siblings :)

One day in a restaurant, if not mistaken its name Leo's cafe. what I remembered most is it locates beside Mr.Teppanyaki. We bet there is cheaper for us, so we decide to dine in as our lunch! =D

Chicken mushroom rice. I din't expert it will taste so good =D sruuuptttt~

It's a combo set, which include a drink and a dessert. Ice-lemon tea still okay, but the pudding taste abit weird. not very Q.. :|

curi ambil foto! heehee. she OS : don kacao me, I'm already starving. Want eat now!

he : hrmm, the taste still not too bad la.. mom teached that cant waste food!

Taaadaah! so kawa-iiii! XD feel like really sit inside the bowl. =p

So.. I tried it too. err, a bit looked dumb =|
Whatever la, as long as that day I was enjoyed!! :D

I realized that even if your buddies cant accompany you for shopping, don't forget we still have our family members that will always stand with you.
So please do appreciate them. Do back visit them during this coming Chinese New Year too.
They miss you so much.

Advanced wish all of you, Happy Chinese New Year . Cheers~ :)

I L❤vE MY familY

Monday, February 8


Just back from Restaurant 家好月圆. Feel exhausted.
Guys are too high tonight. Idk why. Seems like they marriage and make a jamuan without alcohol :| *and the Tauke Soh is so cute also, she anticipates herself in singing karaoke with us. =)

Time to bath. guys please stay tuned. Photos will be uploaded soon! Ciao~ ;*

Monday, February 1


It's Monday. Have to back Kampar today. what a pity of me. :(

Time departed : 8.15 a.m
Time reached : 10.45 a.m

Is it PRO or NOOB ? haha.. Of course, PRO!! Imma so proud of you, jiayi . =)

Back to the topic, this few days I almost don't have a good sleep. I mean every day have to wake up in the early morning. As such, Fri 8 a.m class ; Sat 6.30 a.m , lend mom my hands and night went for my bestie, Angelynn Low's 21 birthday party till 1 a.m only reached home ; Sun 7.30 a.m awoke and went for shopping with siblings and 2 a.m only went for bed ; and Mon, ya it's today, 7. 30 a.m woke up again ( actually alarm was set 7 a.m but I overslept ) :P

So, the whole way going Kampar i was just sleeping. :| Idk know, the eyelids like so heavy and it felf keep consoled me to close up even thought i had pinched my cheeks quite number of times but it doesn't work. ZzZzz

It's afternoon. The weather make me damn sleepy. But what had suffered me was that I cant fall asleep at all because the weather is damn fcking H.O.T and it made me lazy to do anything include bath. =p

I had complaint to my pi that why the weather is extremely hot. W.H.Y?
Then he asked me to bath but I just blablabla to him because i lazy to move.. :(

After that went down to living room which is a heaven for me because it always can make me feel cool even thought it was a big sun outside. With condition that if close all the doors. :D

Suddenly, 'ring ring ring'... It's ice cream seller coming~!!!
Hoo-ray.. I'm gonna to grab it one!

Taadaah! the left side is mine! =)

So have to end here because I want to enjoy my ice cream right now.teehee =) Bye~

p/s : (My throat is getting dry even I already drink so much water :(
maybe that night I drank so much Tiger then the other day din't drink much water.

How can cure my sore throat? any ideas? you're welcome to drop any suggestions to me. thanks~ =)

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