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Tuesday, November 15


对外宣布, 我要减肥!!!!
只减肥油不减胸部! 加油吧! 你行的!!!!


Sunday, November 13


what shall i said? hmm.. later 5.30pm gonna attend for colleague's wedding dinner at Restaurant Le Fu Men at Meru. Wah Wah Wah, so a little bit excited for that, since this is the first time given people invited for this ceremony by own. Should not so men-syasuikan self right? but anyhow, the main course wouldn't me, why should I be so nervous ? already gone insane me! 

I been no feeling so good since last month. This is not the first time giving friends cheated and no caring my feelings but still got hurt and there's no people concern any about. Maybe what i thought i'm mature and considerate is wrong, there's no people could try to take care of your feelings and neither off. An assumption, everyone in the world is self pointer, they only care themselves or others who they think is important for them. Clearly can see that, I have no sincere friends or any who treat me as their important people. How awkward and pitiful am I . 


又是无聊的一天,又是剩我一个 (被遗弃的女巫), 可怜阿
几时我才有本事出车呀? 一直被人遗弃的感觉很不好受
别人哪会认为你是重要的人? 我一无是处,那会被重视呢?
勇敢坚强吧! 总有出头天的吧! 加油!
不要被这一点给击败! 勇敢一些!再往前一大步,你就会看到属于自己的一遍天!
你会有扬眉吐气的这一天的! 微笑吧!再苦也要继续过,天堂还在不远处罢了。。。
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