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Thursday, July 29

money face $_$

this title suited this post so well. as you can see my picture as below, WOW ~~


okay,exactly the same. LOL
Last friday night after HRM test, i took 10.19pm shutter train back to KL central, around 12.45am reached.
appreciated my parents so much, they scared don't know the way to KL central, but reached there half an hour early. >_< 

then the another day, 7a.m woke up for make up purpose.
i really salute to those make up expertise, esp those girls whom always wear fake eye lashes go to school.
wondered why they are so pro enough, can fix them within short time then attend the class by time.
for me,am so fed up on my make up skill, just blessed that my fake eye lashes can last longer during working. 
this time i worked at Stadium Melawati / Stadium Shah Alam (idk which is the exact venue) which organized Home Deco Fair from 10am to 9pm, and my function is a flyer girl to promote for Sunshine Kitchen. =D

This is the flyer that i distributed and try to attract customer come in our booth.
sorry that i forgot what's this malay girl name,in fact she came at the last day i worked. :$

my boss, Simon. surprisingly, he is kampar-ian. LOL

and Steven. he is kampar-ian too. 

a surprise guest! 

still rmb who is she? she appeared in my last last last last post! =P check it out. 

she planned to visit me for dinner act, but she blurred and confused the exact place and get lost! 
the time she reached is almost the time that i have to back to work. so just accompanied for few mins, and she promised to fetch me back home later. 
Yay! we chit-chat non stop in Station One, and laugh die hard me XD

I deeply hope that you can find your real man earlier.
a shoulder that you can hold., rely on.

end with love, xoxo

Wednesday, July 28

Harbour Place

still remember last post that i said i'll go Harbour Place for movie? sorry for being damn late to post this out. 
recently been so sick of assignment la, mid term test la and even work as well. hope won't let ya 's neck become giraffe. =P 
back to the topic, Harbour Place act is a new shopping complex in Pandamaran, Port Klang. 
my babe, Angelynn introduced this place to me. It's MBO cinema , and the weird thing is, there is no any shop there yet except cinema. @-@
so below was the first photo once we reached there.

tried to make the feel like those men in poster, but failed. i looked like dumb. Lol

spiderman vs. transformer? who will win? faster drop bet here. 

"don't play play huh! but only i can play cos i have the same mole with him!" HAHAHA

th3ee of us 

spot 2gila men at the behind. =P

we went to watch this movie. no much comment bout it. it's so  story indeed. not suit for me. LOL

after movie, we heading to Boston restaurant since someone so missed the seafood- lala there. so..


lastly, somebody tot he is Edward. @_@
in the other hand, pls spot to the shell,  Ms. Angleynn, this is what we reserve for you. =D
haven't eat yet wan d lo, cos cannot open also. 
see how goooood we're! xD

-the end- 

Friday, July 16

we @ ipoh

It is quite late for posting this, no sure which weekend ,had a simple and nice shopping with Jiayi as she wanna search for a formal dress. our ori plan was going Jusco, Ipoh but we missed the road where it supposed to turn then forgot how to go , so changed plan to Ipoh Parade.

dress for that day

compensate our stomach with Marry Brown. 
the set is so Small! and first time saw the French Fries were served on weight based which mean they timbang the Fries first before served. = = so 'standardize'

following photos were about girl's SS 
click Alt + F4 now before regret. 
5 s start counting,

jiayi was satisfied for her stuffs that day while i bought nothing. =x
maybe i more prefer shopping at KL than Ipoh. no much comments about and in case it's just my own opinion la.. 
anyway, what will be coming next? Harbour Place? 
Yes!!! gonna be there tonight for movie! =) 

Have a nice day,peeps.

Hada Labo & I

yes, just received the parcel from Rohto-Mentholatum - Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Lotion 9ml and new product, SHA Moisturising Cream 3ml which i i never expected for it. =)
gonna share this with mom, one drop locks up an ocean as it penetrates into the deepest layer of our skin, so both of our face preserve optimum moisture balance and suisui all the day. ngek ngek

faster log into here register for sample and grab more informations, try it and you will know the difference. (smile)

o.s:  hate myself for being kepo! won't do such thing anymore, ever! >.<

Thursday, July 15

when will it goes to end?

extremely exhausted now,indeed! new's record which is the very first time half of day stayed in Uni i.e from 8am till 8pm wtf! since this sem no luck to get the car park sticker, then have to walk in to the block where it is around 1 or 2km far distances in btw! so if walk in walk out also accumulate to 4km long and walking under the hot sun, hell no! that's the reason why i stayed back because once we chose here we have no choice. T.T

meanwhile, utilized the break time to the max
10.30am - 12.30pm assignment time in library. the final project really screw me up.>.<

2pm - 4pm break time to take a long breathe and also generate a series of 'artistry' photos. =)

#1 the potential ballet dancer 

#2 the potential philosopher

#3 it's ME. a lazy bug. @_@

okay, that's all the series about three dreamers. have to back to real life. 
I couldn't stand for it anymore. good night all. 

有时候从另外一个角度来看世界,这世界会比较美一些, 空气会比较清新吗?

Wednesday, July 14


*super like this song soX327452735212 muchie¬¬*

Finally i managed to watch the final match of world cup between Netherlands and Spain, a boring match actually. The match is like testing who is the best actor and fight for the Golden Horse Award, any type of suffer pain showed on the face and rolled here and there just wan to attract referee's attention. if failed, they will just stand up on the next second and cont the match immediately. how amazing and fantastic of their acting skilled!!
anyhow, world cup is over and have to wait another 4 years which held in Brazil. oh-yeah!
but that time i'm around 24 year-old woman dy, how can i chase the match every night then??
Time flies.. really that FAST! >.<
How good is that if 21year-old always belong to me till forever?!!

sorry my dream mode on-ed.
have to off to bed. 
good night   

Tuesday, July 13


L.I.F.E stand for...?i don't know. i just know sometime i miss club so much. i want go clubbing badly. don't misunderstood that i'm clubbing queen, i realized that only clubbing is the one that really make my mind relieved and reduce my stress effectively. 
i been around more than half year never enter to club, started to feel life is so bored while stuck at here small simple city. especially now is my final year, the level of stress climbed up and it drives me crazy.

first is red.

it's hot like SUN, melted people's heart easily  @ @

second is pink. it looked like soft and kind-heart people, bring happiness, grace and gentility

give people hope, sweet and warm smile. :)

third is orange. enthusiasm? warmth? sure it gives people confidence and a passion for life.

last but no least, one of my favorite - White rose. see how elegance looked i'm

mini flowers i like them  

simple view that
L.I.F.E means

Love IForEver  
appreciate every moment you at, every person beside you, every things round you
because it might happen only ONCE in your life

Sunday, July 11

my god! second time i missed to watch the world cup match just because i fall asleep! =(
yesterday everything was just set ready, and he did morning called to wake me up, but the worst was i fall into dream again after received his called. LOLx
i don't care use any method, today midnight i must watch FINAL of the cup at least once!! 
in fact, the most fed me up was, when i walked into toilet, i saw a SHIT was swimming in the toilet bow wtf wtf!!
and its smell was flying around the toilet. it yucks!! 
why why why? he knew we're sharing ONE toilet and he is not going to wash the toilet also, even ONCE, NEVER!! did he feel embarrassed when he knew HIS shit was showing off to other and that people have to flush it off for him? why he never make sure that it really disappear off of his eyes only leave? OMFG
oh no. now, i just can only complaining here and i don't know how to tell him about this kind of shit thing! 
really FML ~~!!

mood was totally be ruined. but still want to share some of Korean's song, 2NE1 is my favorite! 
they are the first Korean girl's group that i loved most. their style, their song, their dance even their rap, awesome 


Thursday, July 8

mom, i miss you T.T
how i wish this week can go back but can't
have midterm test on this coming Sat
blessed me luck






Friday, July 2




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