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Sunday, April 22

MrLens' Freshlook Colorblends Review

Grüezi all~ 

I'm back! Found any difference on my face compare to previous post?
That's my bigger eyes with color on and.... I gain more confident than before yeah! *grin smile

Maybe most of you must be wondering what 's that first word's meaning that I greet, it means "hello" or "welcome" in Switzerland Gruezi. Well, this is the main point that I wanna share to you guys in this post, the contact lens that I wore was actually bought from MrLens, the largest online contact lens distributor from Europe and currently they are going global where they are now available in Asia, too!

In addition, what was amazed me is that MrLens are nominated against more than 130 applicants and have been rewarded as a Finalist in the prestigious Swiss Economic Award in 2008. Imagine that beaten down most of the competitors in contact lens field is not an easy task. Now they are reaching Malaysia and be the largest online inventory of Contact Lens at the lowest price in Malaysia, why not give them a try?

So I took my order last Sunday and I got them on Tuesday, it's like just take around 1 working day for them to process, packing and deliver!

Notice there is a sweet inside the photo? I bet it was a pampered to me from MrLens because my area is not included their cover areas. Why I said so is because for those purchases above RM 50, you are entitled for free delivery, with condition that your areas are in selected areas in Klang Valley. To check whether your area cover or not, you may check HERE ;)

There are 9 colors available to choose, at the end I chose Freshlook Colorblends Sparkling Grey & Turquoise.

Sprkling Grey


Before the color lens on, I looked like normal nerd person with panda-eyes. LOL 

After magic lens put on, tah-dah~!! 

The lens I wore is Freshlook Colorblends Sparkling Grey. It looked a bit towards blue and not really grey but I like its uniqueness. 

closer looked

Honestly, at started when I put in the lens to my eyes, maybe it is too soft or still my eyes can't adapt to it, it kept moving up-side down on eye-ball. But after 5 more mins, I feel comfortable with it and I din't feel any uncomfortable or redness and lighting matter which I faced before. 

Mr Lens now are having Friend Recommendation Program. It helps you to earn discounts to shop at MrLens website but with condition that you need to register first and your friend must pay and purchase first before getting rewards.

Besides there is an added benefit for my readers and followers after reading my review.
What you need to do is, go to MrLens Facebook page and click "share with friends" campaign, straight you can earn extra RM20 discount when 10 friends of yours like the page! It's so easy right?

Opps, I still need 7more friends to go in order to get the extra RM 20 voucher >.<

The contact lens brands that MrLens supplied are : 

Acuvue Tru Eyes, Acuvue Moist,  Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys Astigmatism, Acuvue Define, Soflens 38, Soflens 59, Soflens Toric, Purevision 2, Purevision HD, Biomedics 38, Biomedics 55, Proclear, Definition, Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort, Focus Night & Day, Air Optix, Air Optix for Astigmatism,  Freshlook One Day, Proclear 1 day, Sauflon Clariti 1 day, Soflens daily disposable, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advance, Adore Dare, Adore Imagene, Adore Pure Eyes, Air Optix Multifocal, Biomedics 55 Evolution, Biomedics Toric, Blincon BB, Blincon Big Eyes, Blincon Classic, Blincon Elegance, Blincon Jazzy, Blincon Sweetie, Chameloen, Colorvue, Freshkon Alluring Eyes, Freshkon Color Fusion, Freshkon Dezigner, Freshkon Mosaic, Freshlook Colorblends, Maxim Color Blue, Maxim Colors Orange, Maxim Color Pink, Maxim Color Toric, Sauflon 55UV, Sauflon Bioclear, Saulfon Bioclear Toric, Sauflon Clear Comfort Aspheric, Soflens Multifoca and etc

So what are you waiting for? Throw off your heavy spec (in case if you've astigmatism) & Log on to MrLens website NOW to order your preferred contact lens, you can be charming like me. *winks

Last but not least, thanks to MrLens that have transformed me successfully and I gained more confident. I'm sure I will look back to you soon. 


Friday, April 13

MrLens' Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes Blogger's Contest

How if I own a pair of pretty sexy beautiful eyes as poster above? 

I have astigmatism and I have to wear specs so that I can have clear vision. Due to this reason, I don't have confident while wearing a pair of specs out because it looks nerd on me. 

Till then, I received an email from Plusizekitten said that I've been selected as one of the 30 bloggers to review the Freshlook Colorblends from MrLens. Doesn't it sounds drama to me? I'm surprised and unbelievable that I've been selected! OH GOSH! I mean I never been asked to do such review before, maybe this is a new kick start. I'm gonna work hard for this review for the god sake of the Nikon Coolpix P300 which worth over RM1k.


Sounds attractive and pushing me more hard for the prizieee! *hrm emm*
By the way, I redeemed my favorite colors from MrLens website. I can't wait of receiving the parcel from MrLens so I can show it to my friends or public that how confident I've now with the help of ColorBlends. *grinsmile

Aww.. Have to start brainstorming from now on to create the most creative plus interesting plus funny for my readers in coming review post.

Stay Tuned peeps..

& not to forget...

Wish me luck!! *winks

Let's go TAMF 2012

Hi all, greetings! ;) Just a short post to tell you what, I really get myself 4 tix to TAMF which held on tomorrow!

Hooray! Thanks to Nuffnang! I can really 'fly' to them and rock together with my idols! *rockerstar*
Of cos, not to forget to thanks Agnes! She drove all the way down to Nuffnang office to collect them on behalf of me after she signed her job offer letter.
By the way, I'm headache of what to wear consider as beach attire. :\ hmmm, some of my friends recommend to wear bikini but I think no need to wear so over as long as it's comfortable and pretty enough. For sure, I will straight wear a pair of slippers out! Heh...

Alright, that's all for this post! I shall see you guys tomorrow at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach by 6.30pm!
Ciao~ <3

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