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Tuesday, September 28

Nature & Co Vital Purity range samples! ❤

Hey peeps, good news good news! time for grabbing  samples~ =D
Nature & Co's latest range called Vital Purity ,which made from Organic Herb Extracts is going to share with ya'll readers!
By how?

It's so easy, now you can try by liking their facebook post here and emailing them the following information.
The samples are while stock last! Limited time only!
Besides the range will coming out in Oct so check it out at selected Watsons stores near you! =D

Still waiting for what? it's so simple.

  1. Just click "like"
  2. Send us your personal details to
Facebook user ID :
Tel :
Email :
Add :

p/s free samples will be delivered to your doorstep.

Saturday, September 18



Friday, September 10

simple update

First of all, would like to wish
Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin :)


a random update,gonna to summarize what i had done, what i'm going to do and what i'll do in the next moment.

Past few weeks i started play Oskic. Don't know you guys noticed it or not, I've posted the news in FB not more than 2 times. Actually I love money so much ,yes don't make confused. I earn it via legal ways.
Indeed, investing a portfolio would help you earn alot, with condition if you're rich enough, so you can bear it if you making loss. I learnt accounting, learnt how to invest in theory but unfortunately no idea how to make it in real life investment.So now OSK is giving me a chance, i've definitely addicted to it. >.<  perhaps it can awake me up soon! 
more details please log on to here. p/s you may win yourself a thumbdrives and laptop sleeves for the first 750 players of the game who invite 10 friends through the game! wow~

I get noticed that pyramid ice skating only cost RM6 now instead of RM 13! It's 54% discount off leh..
oh gosh, i've long long time ago never landed on the ice, i missed the feeling of being fly and dance on the ice floor. how cool was that! badly i'm facing final start from next week! however, it's not late yet for me to wait till finish the exam. it has a month long expired! yoohoo~
more details please log on to here. p/s you can ask me buy for you :)

In this critical moment, I've made myself into trouble that's participate into a Mina Magazine voting competition. Gosh, now i not only have to worry for my final, yet my voting result too. 
i think i'm brave enough, and i wasted my half day time in choosing the appropriate photo. 

well, that's it! peeps i need your fully support! 
first , go to mina magazine and click 'like' the page.
then, go to here which showed the photo above and write your comments on it. eg, 'vote' or 'like' or anything as you like. =)
p/s: the vote is depends on how many comments i have. I sincere appreciate on what you guys did for me, god will bless you 99. 

okay, that's all. have to get my brunch now and cont' to the study. @_@ 
lastly wish me luck >_<

Wednesday, September 1

one of the happiest thing in life

seriously i hard to make myself turn on study mode while it's week 14 SIAL ~!! 
instead i think back a lot of those sweet memories which i often shake my ass off with her, my darl. 
i want all this back , be part of my life in future time. during my holiday maybe? 

it's HOT SUNNY day woohooo~!! =.=

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