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Monday, May 31

happy♥ seafood ♥ family

at night, dad bring us went for seafood dinner. 

First is Lala - juicy and the soup is nice to drink

Fried sotong 

toufu keng

fan shu ye

the most attract me was - the crabs!! yummy but bit spicy

Last- curry fish,dad's favorite but dk why he said he dislike its taste. LOL

Is satisfied for the dishes tonight and the price is reasonable.  
this was the ever best dinner ate with family so far and do hope it can be more in the future. 
thanks to mom, a lot!! 

Sunday, May 30

day out with Joyce and Bee

she is Joyce Chow, been sista since primary school. owh, she looks sweet right?:)

it was Saturday, the last day in my holidays, yet also the only one day that hang out with friends in this 3weeks holidays. can you feel of my loneliness ? :(
so we met Mr.Bee in Bk. Tinggi Jusco and had our lunch in PapaJohns.

the sauce (left to right) : butter,pasta sauce,green chili

the bread, it tastes Q 

Papa Hawaian   it

 wedges. I thought only get it in KFC. :D

thR3e of US 
p/s thanks to Mr Bee for the lunch!! yeah :D

after that,having window shopping with them. two girls plus 1 guy feel like a bit weird. yea,it's really WEIRDO. 
but just forget it, we exercised ladies' behavior finally! scroll down.

 what does this make u feel? 
ya,we're just addicted of TRYING! woo~
happy ending :)

we just enjoying the process of trying clothes and took pictures but both none of us had bought any of them. 
i think the working stuffs already blacklist-ed us. 
who care? :-P
anyway, really have fun with her in the fitting room and beside non-stop chit chatting while on the way going and coming back.
who to blame, we've like never hang out been 3years! 
since it's the last day of my holiday,i want enjoy it 99 to the max !!:D

hope to date you soon, xoxo

stay tuned 

Friday, May 28

random post

Finally can log into intranet and get results.
for my case, it's not very satisfy and feel disappointed.

and one more thing, the weather is freaking hot today and i was like so-beh-tahan situation!!


cannot stand for it anymore, gonna off to bath..

Thursday, May 27

holiday filled with moody

really have no ideas why keep moody recently. :(
still very enjoying in those few days or before the langkawi trips.
but after that, or after few days, or while that war began,my mood is totally be ruined.

hope to leave this boring place;
hope to date few sis go for releasing;
hope to travel,even it's one day trip;
hope to grab some movies,no matter it's nice or not;
hope to club,too

but this all hopes are bullshit out of my control.
no lessen, no car, please say NOT to planning!!
can't arrange all the stuffs and plan for some activities as mentioned above, i really failed.
don't have some peoples whom i can depend on
all i have to learn to be independent, instead
or can i book a car and paid for driver to serve me all those things, perhaps.
well, PLEASE it'll not be real, impossible!!

blaming that can't take all the decisions by myself
why shall i so busybody?
why shall i so coward and nerd?

i feel i don't have close true friends,sometimes.
idk why, i just can't find someone to chat with, or discuss with about my problems.
or sometimes, it's bad timing.
like now, some of them are facing final,
some of them are starting coll life.
and left me alone...

rumor said that semester result will be released by tomorrow.
argg, become ganjiong some more :-O
i admit i did not do all my best enough,
i guess it will not reach the level as i expected.
i was totally failed, again. :(

ya,i know even though it's late for me to say regret everything,
and we should look forward to aim for another best future but not to sad for yesterday,
somehow comforting word is easy to say but hard to do it.

well, gonna end this post as i'm sweating all the way i blog this.
the weather is damn hot recently.
and i shall not miss beauty sleeping time so far,
so good night world.
tomorrow will be a bad good good day for me :D 

Tuesday, May 25

random post

spot it?  

ya,it's rainbow.
accidentally shot it a day back from Ipoh.

it's 1.10am now. gonna off to bed. 
good night =)

Monday, May 24

first time in Pcfair

Have no idea why sudden got feel want blog this since it's damn late for me to post.
Anyway, want to intro some pretty girls during worked.

She is 妏芯
First impression of her is mixed with taiwanese girl. while i get know other ushers i was think like : "oh gosh,i's the OLDER girl among them!!" :-(

The left side is Mikki Phor, she is the first i knew, was fresh graduated from form 5. =.= i am old woman! FML!!
Not much comment about my working, just what a coincident that met Tzia there. She was just working for Karpasky  in front of my booth!! and we just like Hi-and-Bye friend only, no comment. lolz

Before that,i was wondering how will be my duty and worry can't handle it well.
But last, it's just very EASY and some more feel bit dump!! i was just holding a small board and jerit-ing to attract customer come in our PC-guru booth.
of cos, most of them don't know what's the PC-guru, then we have to explain that it was giving free advice before get self a new pc or laptop, and having demo too.
So,overall it was not a bad working experience for me but i get realized that there are a lot of advantages of being a pretty lady!! i'm not pointing about me la!! that's why i envy them. ;<

okay,gonna end this post and do hope my salary can get sooner!!!
IamBroke T.T

    Friday, May 21

    strange feel

    Today woke up, beside caring about my bro first time took public transport back from Kampar, mom had talked to me something about my love matters.
    She incidentally discovered my man had bad behavior which is smoking.
    Then started to consult me that I should not over concern for relationship but study first since i still young.
    Beside, she added that it's my fate as my ex also not that good. 

    Mom, i know you experienced about life, and i do appreciate everything you share with me and give me some opinions.
    But i know how to hold my life myself and understand what i do.
    Mom,i know you love me and want to protect me. 
    But i'm not more 12 year-old child yet heading to 21 year-old adult.

    don't know what to reply my mom while she is advising me just now.
    instead just keep give her a smile face and nodding head.I think i'm gonna crazy. i feel it's funny. 

    love is complicated because it is not only incurred two person but relate to two families.
    I don't know what my man feel after i told him about my mom's opinion towards him. 
    I think he is also feel not good. and for sure he cut more down his confident to my family.
    I'm sorry my man. i know i still need you and love you,indeed.

    Thursday, May 20

    don't forget me!!

    no worries, finally am back.

    Beside, just back from Pulao Langkawi 5days 4night with stunned skin and deep hole purse. :|

    okay, get fun yet tired. and there got a lot of my very first time.
    first time

    1. sit flight
    2. diving
    3. go with lotsa people whom not very close with me
    so overall,
    they are friendly and funny. 

    I wanna to end here because is headache-ing to upload those 12324723945624 photos to fb with poor internet line.
    duh,anyone volunteer to help me upload?
    i even don't think to edit them. i'm lazy.... ... some more the google chrome need plug in installer.
    have tried so many times but failed. then that IE is sucks!!
    keep jamming there and retry again and again.

    forget it,i don't think i cant do it! just need more time.
    oh ya,stay tunned =)
    have a kitkat,have some break.

    see ya

    Sunday, May 2





    恐怕就已经被这 无名无昧 的透明恶魔- 压力
    给折磨得快变 四不象,像人吓死鬼;像鬼吓死人


    要在职场上立足, 就得靠那大便纸来证明自己的实力?

    会不会有点儿戏了一些 = =



    p/s 我好想家~~~~~~~~ ><

    Saturday, May 1

    it's your day, labor

    it's the first day of may, and good news for those labor. how great if i was one of them?
    can off 1 day for self and no need sit for exam? HA become pity labor just because today? *hell no

    recently my mood is so down to town
    i don't think i can share here, but probably you find me secretly then i'll tell you why, if you're interested to know la, or just get ignore of that!!
    get to sign off now, last but no least share a lame old video here.
    Utarians should get familiar of this. have a nice day.
    p/s : wish me + bless me luck 9999999999999999999999 in my coming final. (appreciated! ; )

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