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Wednesday, December 23


I really hope you’ll be on my side and celebrate Christmas together this year, badly. :’(

But I know it's hard to be truth , and won’t to be truth. From your message told me clearly that you’ll be in Teluk Intan that time. And maybe on Christmas night even you at KL also won’t come find me but with your Boss.

I love surprise and hope Mr. Santa will fulfill my wishes. J

Advance wishing all of you, Merry X’mas and have a joyful day. =) cheersss

Tuesday, December 22


Today will be a good day, but not for me, for my whole family including both of my daddy mummy and of course my siblings especially my younger brothers. =)

This is because today is the second time he can be the singer; my parents decide to bring him go Neway, at Klang Centro. The first time was during his birthday, while my elder sister had 50% Boucher Discount.

Okay, now pass the time to photo below describe how joyful we are in the room ;) teehee.

adorable parents

the younger 'singer'

we're loving to each other ;)

smart dad

how enjoy acting of me =p

Mom & 4 of us*where's my sis?*

5 of us ;)

couple sing :D

A washroom located inside our sing-room. So convenient for us that no need purposely go public washroom

Finally,time to bill out. 7of us,only cost RM 35 including breakfast and a drink for each person. Cheap huh? But its price special for its Neway membership only. My sis just apply the membership card on that day, what had surprised us was, membership fees had been excluded in the bill! :-0
Actually the fact is if the expense more than membership fees, the fees automatic will be excluded! This is what my friend, ahyi told me afterward. =) hee *so good*

Before leave, of cause must have a family 大合照 lah!! teehee

taadaah~! =) *my legs look so ugly here =( *

ps: I love my family so much :DD

Monday, December 21

Yes,I can!

Yes,I can! Finally, I can have my own blog!!

Well, recently I saw a lot of my friends began to become blogger. I have considered it for so long. You know why? Maybe I know that I only can blog during I at Kampar because line available yet hometown don’t have. But I believe, soon! I can blog whenever I'm free, whatever I've did and wherever my location is, first serve here to share with ya'all,still. Whee~ <3> ;)

Okay, my first simple and short post today.

YOU,YOU,YOU,YOU, &YOU! Ya,it's YOU! Hey,thanks for reading me ya. =) *appreciate*

More & more interesting and funny things coming soon! Catch up! ;)

Have a nice day!

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